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Since 2020 Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce has offered the best quality-based education around the world. Located in Australia, one campus in Melbourne and another in Sydney have a magnificent impact on students. They offer lectures from highly qualified education experts; that not only teach you but motivate you to take a professional journey one step ahead. Students not only get theoretical knowledge but also foster practical skills through real-time assessments that need to be done with analytical skills and on time. Gradespire can be your best solution by providing experienced service in Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce Assignment help. 

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Subjects cover under Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce Assignment help. 

1st-year subjects

  • Foundation of IT (ICT501)
  • Web development and the Internet (ICT502)
  • Database management systems (ICT503)
  • IT Project Management (ICT504)
  • Data analytics (ICT505)
  • Cyber Security (ICT506)
  • Cloud Computing (ICT507)
  • Management information system (ICT508). 

2nd Year subjects in Digital Leadership Specialization 

Enterprise Architecture and Governance (ICT601)
Data Management and Decision Making (ICT602)
Enterprise Systems and System Integration (ICT603)
Digital Transformation and Sustainability (ICT604)
IT Research Methods (ICT651)
Leadership and Innovation in IT (ICT652)
Emerging Technologies in IT (ICT653)
IT Capstone Project (ICT654)Courses of Cyber security specialization:Ethical hacking and penetration testing (ICT611)Cloud security and privacy (ICT612)Digital Forensic (ICT613)Cyber security law and policy (ICT614)IT research methods (ICT651)Leadership and innovation in IT (ICT652)Emerging technologies in IT (ICT653)IT capstone projects (ICT654)

Course of data analytics specialization:

  • Big data (ICT621)
  • Data mining (ICT622)
  • Data visualization (ICT623) 
  • Advanced data analytics (ICT624)
  • IT research methods (ICT651)
  • Leadership and innovation in IT (ICT652)
  • Emerging technologies in IT (ICT653)
  • IT Capstone project (ICT654)

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